I got the opportunity once again to participate in Dementia von Grimm’s 31 Days of Horror series, this time tackling the 2012 documentary THE AMERICAN SCREAM, a charmingly told account of three families who put their all in turning their happy homes into hellish haunts every Halloween night. It’s a great watch to get you in the proper mood for the season, and it comes highly recommended from yours truly.

That being said, this go around with the Google Hangout app didn’t quite pan out so smoothly, as there was a duration of time when our hostess disappeared from the podcast into some unknown void (probably the same one where Carol Anne and the sandworms hang out). What resulted is several minutes of myself and co-host Boris chuckling awkwardly at each other and fruitlessly trying to restart the conversation. It’s raw, uncomfortable confusion at its finest, so don’t miss it!