What’s Your Frequency?


Turn to Ash Vol. 2: Open Lines is officially out in the wild as of this writing. The second installment of editor and publisher Benjamin Holesapple’s infant horror fiction zine centers on the midnight radio show of one Chuck Leek, an irascible DJ who opens up the phone lines one night to hear all the strange, darksome, and paranormal confessions his faithful listeners have to tell him.

My ongoing column, “Small Wonders”, focuses on a very special radio episode itself this time out, covering none other than the infamous “Thing on the Fourble Board” from that classic of old time radio, Quiet, Please. This story is claimed by many to be the scariest audio drama ever produced for radio, including a scribe by the name of Harlan Ellison who once confided to Patton Oswalt that “The Thing on the Fourble Board” came damn close to staining his britches as a boy. (And it almost did the same for me, too.)

Find out more about this traumatizing tale and read others like it in the new issue. Or listen to “Fourble Board” for yourself on YouTube.

But I advise you to do so only if you’re not in the house alone.

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